Thursday, August 14, 2008

Confirmed: NV Caucus Process is Seriously Flawed!

Earlier this year, shortly after Nevada Caucus day, I sent a letter to the Democratic Party expressing my concern about the Caucus process. Basically, the Republicans conducted their Caucus first thing in the morning and didn't allow any party affiliation changes. The Democrats, however, conducted theirs subsequent to the Republican Caucus and allowed people to register and/or change their party affiliation at the Caucus.

I expressed concern at the time that the process, as it unfolded, could allow Republicans to participate in their Caucus to vote for their strongest candidate, and then allow them to change affiliation and participate in the Democratic Caucus, voting for who they perceived to be the weakest Democratic candidate. To my dismay, I didn't even get a response back from the Nevada Democratic Headquarters folks.

Well ... on Tuesday (8/12/08) I worked as a poll worker at the Nevada Primary election, and my concerns were confirmed by the lady who sat next to me at the polls. She is a Republican who participated in the Republican Caucus. Shortly after we dealt with a disgruntled voter who complained vehemently of not being able to participate in the Caucus, she turned to me and said wasn't sure the Caucuses were conducted fairly. She went on to say she was quite surprised when Republican Caucus workers told everybody that because their Caucus was concluding before the Democratic Caucus were to start, if folks wanted, they could also participate in the Democratic Caucus. She said they encouraged Republicans who were present to head on over to the Democratic Caucus, temporarily register as a Democrat and vote in the Democratic Caucus. Once it was over, she said they said, "you can just re-register as a Republican before the August Primary."

She just didn't think that was right ... and frankly, neither do I!


Zeke said...

Couple things.

!. There was not a "migration" of people switching back to the Republican Party after the Caucus. The Dem lead has been growing steadily ever month since Jan 2005, in EVERY County in the State.
2. The Democratic Party Announced their pals to have an 11:00am Start time in May of 2007. The GOP didn't even release their plans, including the 9am start time, until 11/2007. My understanding was that they wanted to "spin" that their event was "more accessable" as it was run from 9-12pm.
3. Rush Limbaugh didn't start his "Vote" Obama program until a month later. In Jaunary most Republicans would have much preferred to run against Hillary. By the way, who is the "weaker candidate" anyway? I think both O and H ar pretty damn good.
4. The Republican Caucus was a all out disaster, Statewide because the Party had not prepared properly. Those guys are INCAPABLE of "Spoling the Dems", as they couldn't even plan THEIR OWN event.

Just because one person tells you a "Story" doesn't mean it is true. And on that note, what would have kept me from REgistering as a Republican in Dec 2007- Voting for McCain)Their weakest candidate) and then showed up at the Dem Caucus? Nothing.

The Dems, by having an open caucus, added 7.000 new democrats in Washoe COunty alone. THAT is NOT "seriously Flawed"

Local So-and-so said...

I was at the Republican Caucus in Washoe County and heard the same thing. The guy sais it half jokingly and everybody in the room just looked at each other. People were there to cast their vote for president and go home. As far as I know, that's what we all did.

I think you're right, in your earlier post, about the environmental infrastructure. A better coarse of action might be to consentrate on fixed sites, like replacing coal, rather than trying to get people to buy funny looking cars. Also, if we can keep the government out of it, the smaller businesses could be more creative at finding solutions than a subsidy grabbing muti-national corporation ever could.

I've also heard that there is a move being made in congress to waive environmental impact statements for alternative energy companies. Have you heard anything on this?

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