Thursday, August 14, 2008

PC Magazine: Air Car May Be Available in U.S. by 2010

I've been watching the news for a while and waiting with baited breath to be able to buy one of these. Today, PC magazine ran an article about MDI's air car. Here's a copy of their article:

Cars running on nothing but air could soon start rolling up emissions-free mileage here in the United States.

Developed by a former Formula One engineer at the European MDI corporation, the air car is already a working prototype of a personal vehicle utilizing compressed air propulsion. After a round of alleged deals with the Indian Tata motors and various Japanese automakers, MDI has recently licensed the technology to the New York-based Zero Pollution Motors, which plans to build a 6-seat version of the air car. The company is even eyeing the American market with a price target of less than $18,000 for the initial model delivered in 2010.

According to Technoride, Zero Pollution is aiming for a top speed of 90 mph and a range of 800 miles - a claim some deem to be technologically outlandish. "It is possible to power a car with compressed air, but the mileage claim is at the edge of possibility," said John Callister, director of the Harvey Kinzelberg Entrepreneurship in Engineering program at Cornell University's College of Engineering. "No one's really proven a six-seater passenger car [can get] any better than 75 miles to the gallon."

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