Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Broke Alaska's Ethics Law ... Will She Be Impeached?

From Sarah Palin's Wikipedia page: On October 10, 2008, the Republican-dominated Alaska Legislative Council unanimously voted to release the Branchflower investigative report, which found that Sarah Palin unlawfully "abused her power" as governor and violated the state's Ethics Act when her office pressured Monegan to fire Wooten, but that firing Monegan "was a proper and lawful exercise of her constitutional and statutory authority."
If it wasn't bad enough that McCain has committed and has a formal record of having been censured by the Senate for committing serious ethics violations (Keating 5 Savings & Loan scandal), now his vice presidential choice has committed her own ethics violations. What does that say about this man's judgement? Not only should McCain not be considered a good choice to lead our nation during this economic crisis, but Sarah Palin should never be allowed to be in a position to assume the Presidency.

The report's findings may have been released only yesterday, but the McCain camp is already putting out their own spin on them. While a NON-partisan committee commissioned the investigation BEFORE Palin was selected as McCain's running mate, the McCain campaign is spinning the investigation and its findings as the Obama campaign's way of trying to smear his running mate. Shoot, McCain’s people have already issued a statement claiming that the report clears her of all charges. Hello??

Is this a preview of what we could expect from a McCain administration should he be elected — foregoing the actual investigation process and issuing a press release painting a fiction they expect the general public to immediately buy into and believe? I'll bet a McCain investigation of Charles Keating, by McCain's staffers, would conclude McCain was the sole maverick and hero who attempted to bring down Charles Keating and prevent all those pesky little savings and loan failures. Thank God for the internet and wikipedia so we can all read the truth related to that matter and not some fiction concocted by his campaign.

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