Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2004 Voter Fraud Case Moving Forward in Courts

I used to live in Ohio and voted in Ohio for the 2004 election. Many things went visibily wrong during that election, the most noticeable being the shortage of voting machines in democratic strongholds and the over-abundance of machines in republican strongholds. We all knew something was terribly wrong with the election results and were surprised when no flack was raised about the election results as it had for the Florida results during the 2000 election.

Well, apparently challenges were made ... but they weren't publicized in the main stream media (MSM) and have been stalled in the courts. Here's a couple of links that have been published in the op-ed news, but that I haven't yet seen picked up the MSM.

But ... it doesn't appear all 2008 elections were run fairly and squarely ... take Alaska, for instance. It seems that polsters predicted 7, 8, and 22 point leads for Democratic candidate Begich who ran against Sen. Ted Stevens. It now appears that a large number of democratic ballots have just disappeared, and Stevens may now win the election.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote
(from Concentric Media on Vimeo)
Narrated by Peter Coyote, this documentary film runs a little over an hour, but is well worth the watching and helps you realize just how easy it is today for someone to steal your vote. (View lower resolution version here.)

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