Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lieberman Remains in Democratic Caucus

Not only did the Democratic Leadership in the Senate vote to retain Independent, Joe Lieberman's membership in the Democratic Caucus, they voted to allow him to retain his chairmanship of the of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and head of the Armed Services subcommittee that oversees air and land power issues. His only 'slap on the wrist,' so to speak, was removal from the less powerful Environment and Public Works Committee. Oh, but I almost forgot, there was that silly little resolution the Democratic Caucus passed "rejecting" Joe's remarks about Barack Obama during the campaign. Not acceptable!

Like many other Democrats across this nation, I believe they should have stripped Mr. Lieberman of his Homeland Security chairmanship. I truly hope they don't later regret their compromise to let him keep that chairmanship to ensure he stays in the Democratic Caucus ... just so they can get closer to what they believe will be a 60-vote filabuster-proof position. I'm sure that Joe, the turncoat, Lieberman will choose to abandon the Democratic Caucus once again when the vote really counts, when they need him the most, and when he sides, once again, with the Republican Caucus instead. Worse yet, by retaining the Chairmanship on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee he can actively continue the policies of Bush/McCain and undermine the change for which America yearns.

From 'Daily Kos':

The question was whether or not to strengthen the hand of one of the fiercest proponents of Bush-McCain foreign and homeland security policy.

Ask yourself this: will it be easier or harder for us to repair the damage we've inflicted on our reputation around the world with Joe Lieberman in charge of one of the key national security committees? What happens when he uses that committee to highlight phantom threats to the homeland emanating from places like Iraq? Do you think this is a sign that Democrats are serious about withdrawing from Iraq, or a signal that they too plan to stay the course?

Senate Democrats were right about one thing. This was a pragmatic issue. The problem is that by misunderstanding the situation they face, they made the wrong pragmatic decision.

And because of that, it will be even harder to achieve the change that we need.

Something's beginning to stink very badly in Washington. Gee, you want someone to vote on a particular bill, bribe them with an earmark or two. Gee, you want to reach that magic 60 number, bribe a traitor with a chairmanship of a prestigious and powerful committee. I'm beginning to think they're all corrupt!

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