Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain ... A Return to McCarthyism?

What is with McCain and his associates? I have yet to hear him say one constructive thing about "how" he intends to achieve anything he may have mentioned that he wants to do should he be elected to the Presidency. Instead of telling us the "how" so we can evaluate for ourselves whether we think that's a good approach, he endorses one smear after another claiming Obama associates with terrorists.

First, it was Bill Ayers, who during the Vietnam War era protested the war using violence. He has since reformed and is a respected professor, but that doesn't mean anything to McCain, since he hates Ayers for what Ayers did while McCain paid the ultimate price of being a POW.

Now he's claiming Rashid Khalidi, a sometimes controversial, but widely respected Middle East scholar is nothing more than an anti-semite who walks among us and who poisons our children's minds with his teaching. And, he's now attempting to smear Obama for having 'associated with Khalidi the Anti-Semite' because, like Ayers, Khalidi just happened to teach at the University of Chicago, during the period of time Obama taught there. Did McCain forget that he, himself has an association with Khalidi? McCain was chairman of the International Republican Institute, which gave several grants (of ~$500,000) to the Centre for Palestine Research Studies, an institution co-founded by Khalidi.

The last time I perused the U.S. Constitution and it's amendments, I do believe that it still contained the right to 'freedom of speech.' At least ... I hadn't read or heard that it had somehow been repealed. What is with the Republicans? If you don't 'toe their line' and agree with their distorted view of the world (which incidently, I don't) ... then you're unAmerican! Disagree with the war? You're unAmerican. Associate with anyone on their 'unAmerican' list ... you're unAmerican!

Sound familiar? It took Americans a while to see through Senator McCarthy's fascist attempts to impose stringent socioeconomic controls, suppress any opposition to his views through terror and censorship, and dictate a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. I certainly hope that on Tuesday more Americans see the parallel between Senator McCain's "he's a terrorist" and Senator McCarthy's "he's a Communist" ... and choose NOT to vote for McCain and the fascist tactics he'd employ in governing the people of this nation.

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