Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lt. Governor Krolicki Indicted

As if it isn't bad enough that our Governor seems to be regularly investigated for one thing or another. Now Nevada's Lt. Governor, Brian Krolicki, has not only been investigated, but indicted for crimes he allegedly committed while State Treasurer (the job he held before becoming Lt. Governor).

Looks like the GOP's lead contender in a run against Harry Reid for the Senate next go-around just may be down for the count and serving time instead in either state or federal prison, depending on whether a federal case is in order instead of a state case. Krolicki faces four felony counts of misappropriation of public money and falsifying accounts stemming from his management of the Nevada College Savings Plan during his two terms as treasurer. Kathryn Besser, his chief of staff in the treasurer’s office and on his current staff, faces two felony counts on the same charges. [RGJ]

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