Friday, July 31, 2009

What Planet is He From?

I don't think Mr. Ensign will be running for President of this nation any time soon, because its painfully obvious to the most casual observer that he has to have been born on some other planet entirely. If you're not one of the privileged to get one of his "Weekly Updates," (I'm on his list because I sent him regular emails about how I think he should vote, not that he ever does) here's what he had to say about health care reform in this week's update:
Over the last couple of weeks, I have held numerous telephone town hall meetings with Nevadans in both the north and south of our state. From these calls, it is clear to me that the American people are extremely wary of the healthcare reform proposals coming from the other side of the aisle. Back in Washington, D.C., healthcare reform is turning into quite the partisan battle, but both sides do agree that our health care system is in need of reform. The time has come to set aside
party differences and to put a reform plan in action that will benefit all Americans.

As a Republican leader on health care (pardon me, but what????), I am hopeful that we can put forth a bipartisan plan that will cover those who need health insurance, without hurting those who are already covered with a government takeover. My vision for health care is ust that; reforming the system, not creating a new government-run program that will end up hurting millions of Americans and their choice in health insurance.

Health care is a very personal issue for Americans, and choice in their coverage should play a vital role in a healthcare bill. Further, Americans should be incentivized to lead a healthy lifestyle. Weight management, preventive care, and smoking cessation should be reflected in lower insurance rates. Medical costs and errors could be greatly decreased through electronic medical records and medical liability reform.

With these cornerstones, I am working with my colleagues to develop a healthcare reform bill that will improve health care in America, won’t increase the deficit, and will continue to put patients and their doctors first – not government bureaucrats. With this in mind, I will continue to work hard for you in the United States Senate.

To whom has he been talking? Must have been a bunch of upper-class elite Republicans, because it sure sounds like a bit of group-think going on during those townhall meetings. Did any of you get invited?

The Republicans don't have plan, and have publicly stated they don't intend to introduce a plan. And now that we've read Mr. Ensign's update, we all know why: we wouldn't have any problems if we'd all just lose some weight, stop smoking and eat healthy. Problem solved. Next.

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