Saturday, July 4, 2009

Too Much Heat in the Kitchen

It appears that Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin has found that there is too much heat in the kitchen and has opted to leave ... mid-term. Citing in her resignation speech the amount of negative attention she has received since accepting to run as McCain's running mate, she condemned those who participate in the "politics of personal destruction."

She made two claims (watch the video): (1) that this undue attention has cost Alaskans thousands of hours and approximately $2M dollars to defend her against 15 frivolous etchics violation allegations, and (2) that it will personally cost she and her husband $0.5M to set the record straight. So ... what's her solution? She won't run for re-election. Oh ... but that creates a "lame duck" situation. Oh, no problem, she'll just resign so Alaskans don't have to endure her lame duck status over the next 18 months. And since everybody believes in freedom, Alaskans are then "free to progress" as is she.

To her, the circular reasoning is flawless. But, in announcing she wouldn't seek re-election, she herself created her "lame duck" status, which she then exploited to justify quitting mid-stream. Well Sarah, Americans don't look too fondly upon quitters. I seem to recall that quitting mid-stream didn't work so well for another political hopeful (Ross Perot). When the flames got to hot, he got out of the pot and he never managed to find a way back in. I, personally, hope that proves to be the case for you as well. You're the last person we ever need to see sitting in the oval office making decisions that will affect each and every one of us.

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Desert Beacon said...

No kidding. If Levi J. has a book deal, and the FBI hasn't concluded its investigation of the SBS connections, then the heat in the kitchen may be uncomfortably warm for the soon to be Ex-governor. Good point about Perot not being able to find a way back into the spotlight.