Friday, July 24, 2009

Where's the Plan?

Republicans are certainly generating a lot of wind about how the health care plan currently being considered in the Congress, saying it will cost too much, it will cause working Americans to lose their current employer-subsidized plans, and that it will only create a system for rationing socialized medical services.

Well ... I'm getting tired of all the negative rhetoric being spewed out by the GOP machine. Thus far, the best the GOP has been able to do was present a vague 4-page outline of their health care reform plan ... but they couldn't predict how much it would cost, nor could or would they say how they would fund their plan and who it would actually cover. You'd think in the 5 weeks since they introduced that pitiful excuse of a plan that they could have at least fleshed it out to let Americans know how they would approach the health care dilemmas facing vast number of Americans. Everybody knows that if you want to debate the subject, you need to bring something of substance to the table. Heck, my grand kid's homework assignments have considerably more substance than the GOP's plan. But instead of substance, the Party of NO merely chose to fall back on their traditional scare-tactics political advertising machine.

Clara Peller said it best in those all familiar Wendy's commercials when she said, "Where's the Beef?" So hey GOP, "where's YOUR plan?"

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Desert Beacon said...

I am particularly fond of the Republican Solutions Group which announced it would not be publicizing ... solutions!