Monday, March 15, 2010

Hobo Heller Has It All Wrong

What is with the Republicans? Have they no hearts? Their arrogance in the face of this economic downturn simply astounds me. Rep. Dean Heller is yet another glaring example of people who claim to be "American" ... yet who so demonstrably hate Americans.

At the Republican's Lincoln Day dinner held in Elko, Heller had the gall to ask, "Is this government now creating hobos?" He went on to explain that the current economic downturn and Democratic policies will only succeed in bringing back the hobos of the Great Depression, people who are incapable of gainful employment and who wander the country taking odd jobs. Excuse me, but I believe the reason for the "hobos" during that era was that we didn't have an "unemployment insurance" program.

To justify his question and comments, he cited a study that found that people who are out of work longer than two years have only a 50% chance of getting back into the workforce.  Uhhh ... Hello Mr. Heller ... how about citing just exactly "when" that survey was conducted? It certainly couldn't be a "current" study, you know, one that was conducted within the last two jobless years. Apparently Mr. Heller is not aware just how difficult it actually is to find gainful employee these days. There are 6 applicants for every job that opens up in this jobless (pun intended) market. That means 5 people are left out in the cold each time only one is hired.

We gave greed-ridden Wall Street, and the banks, money to keep them from failing. Instead of lending that money out they kept it and handed out monster bonuses to the very people who created this mess. We gave money to businesses for them to create jobs, and they kept it without creating jobs. That's not the case when we give checks to the unemployed. They're the ones who actually maintain or create jobs in their communities.  That's because they keep the economy moving by spending spending that money. It's the bankers and the businesses that are on welfare. It's the people and their unemployment checks that are giving the country a stimulus where it desparately needs it.

Mr Heller voted against the jobs bill and is now mocking unemployed persons, calling them lazy and incapable of holding gainful employment.  I think it's about time for Mr. Heller to become jobless. Let him see just how ugly this jobless market truly is. Let's see if he's capable of finding gainful employment within Nevada's borders.

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