Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Evidence of Republican Shift toward Plutocracy

plu·toc·ra·cy (noun)
1. Government by the wealthy.
2. A wealthy class that controls a government.
3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

Have you read the Lowden Economic Recovery Plan? I have and I can't say I agree with her (nor the GOP's) views on how to reduce deficit spending, eliminate the national debt, and "restore financial security to Nevadans." It sounds more like the GOP's failed "Contract with America" that failed to materialize once their majorities were elected to the House and Senate.

If she's elected to the U.S. Senate to replace Senator Reid, she plans to:
  • Cut the business tax on American job providers.
  • Cut the payroll tax.
  • Work to eliminate the Capital Gains Tax.
  • Permanent Repeal of the Death Tax.
Who exactly does that really benefit? Isn't that a repeat of the Reagan tax cuts for the rich that has already cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars? Some suggested that these types of tax policies would so spur economic growth that tax revenue would actually increase. The outcome of that experiment is now a matter of record: not only did this response not occur, but the national debt quadrupled in the span of a dozen years.

It just simply defies logic. She says she wants to reduce deficits and debt, yet she wants to reduce a large part of the income needed to bridge the deficit gap and begin paying down the debt. Reducing or eliminating taxes on corporations does absolutely nothing to help ordinary Americans begin digging themselves out of the hole that GOP administrations have vigorously created.

She then goes on to blame the U.S. Debt on Senator Reid and Rep. Pelosi:
  • Work to significantly reduce the deficits of Reid and Pelosi.
Uhhh ... excuse me, Reid and Pelosi weren't heads of Congress when all this debt began accumulating. From 1995 through the end of 2006, the GOP began amassing huge national debts will they controlled both the Senate and the House. Reid didn't become Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi didn't become House Majority Leader until January 2007, during the 110th Congress (2007-2008).

Having lost their seats of power, the GOP (Gang of Plutocrats, the elite who believe they've been chosen to rule over us) then started throwing temper tantrums, objecting to everything (even issues they purportedly support), and obstructing (fillabustering) the conduct of the Nation's business by requiring a "super-majority" vote to pass even the most mundane bill through the Senate. Then, they began their propaganda campaign in an attempt to blame all their bad deeds on Reid, Pelosi and the Democrats instead of owning up to their illicit spending spree, corruption of our financial system, the fall of the housing market and the demise of not just our economy but economies across the globe.

Sue Lowden can't be trusted to put the interests of Nevadans first. That can be evidenced through her actions in how she conducts her business transactions. See NLRB Case 28-CA-13367 where it was found that Santa Fe Hotel Inc. (Lowden is President, and her husband is CEO) illegally denied health coverage to their buffet workers and cut their hours in an attempt to make them ineligible for those benefits. At their Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in Laughlin, they cut 25% of their workforce (106 jobs) and did away with a company match for employees' 401k plans (saving $67,000) and then turned around and awarded her husband a $200,000 bonus. She can talk all she wants about being a "jobs creator," but her actions speak far louder than her words.

Other actions you should consider that speak to her character involve her actions during the NV GOP Convention. She halted the election in midstream and without the approval of delegates to the convention. A few weeks after the election at the state convention was abruptly halted, a few state party leaders named the delegates to the national convention, which according to the Republican National Committee, violated an agreement with the national party which required that the delegates be elected at the state convention. So, if she were to be elected would she just violate established rules in the Senate to get her way?
I'm sorry, but Sue Lowden is not a good choice to represent the every day ordinary citizens of Nevada.

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