Friday, November 5, 2010

The Election and all the Resulting Incongruities

Americans want someone who will fight for THEM! The reason for the election slaughter of so many Democrats was twofold: (1) People had lost confidence in the Democrats' abilities to hold their ground and defend THEM (Obama is just too good a christian ... in that he has turned the other cheek way too many times instead of breaking out a set of brass knuckles), and (2) the fear and smear campaign financed by billionaire plutocrats and the US Chamber of Commerce along with their multi-national corporation membership who didn't have to identify a single dollar of their contributions which were used for this hostile takeover of America.

A bunch of scared and gullible people voted to give the keys to the Treasury back to the Republicans. How mad do you think they're going to get over the next two years as the Republican Majority in the House, and Minority in the Senate begin breaking one provision in their Pledge to America, after another after another.  Democrats managed to hold the Senate, but with a smaller majority.  That means bills passed in the House are going to continually DIE at the door of the Senate.  And, judging from Mr. McConnell's speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday, there will be NO compromise unless Democrats move over to the Republican side.  So Mr. Boehner, try as you may, and even if you can manage to get something through the Senate, if the President vetoes the bill, you don't have a veto-proof majority in either house ... so forget about wasting valuable time on trying to repeal bills that have already passed.  Do something that will make a meaningful difference for the citizens of this nation!

For those of us with even a modicum of intelligence, the GOP's Pledge is incongruous and filled with far to many false assertions.  They say their immediate priorities are policies that promote job growth and reining in spending so they can balance the budget, yet their first bill of the new session, H.R. 1, will be to make the Bush Tax permanent and instantly add yet another $700B to the Budget Deficit and the National Debt.  H.R. 2 is likely to be a bill to repeal Health Care Reform with H.R. 3 being a repeal of Financial Reform.  Repealing HCR will instantly add another $150B to both the Budget Deficit and the National Debt.  So within the very first month they will have slashed the revenue side of their balance sheet without identifying a single corresponding spending cut with which to balance those activities, and accumulated almost another Trillion dollars more debt.

Like many other women across this nation, I manage the household finances.  It wouldn't take me very long to figure out that if our income (revenue) stream just got reduced, I won't be able to pay all the bills.  So, Mr. Boehner, what are you going to cut?

They say they're going to reduce government, yet they're also supposedly going to create jobs.   Huh?  Government jobs are jobs too.  So, where are they going to create private sector jobs that will more than compensate for both the loss of government jobs as they start paring down the number of government employees as well as the existing number of unemployed people who are no looking for jobs?  We don't have a manufacturing sector anymore, at least not one that employs massive numbers of employees.  Those jobs have been shipped overseas.  If they figure they'll just start another war with Iran and employ them there, well boys ... that's just an expansion of government ... but just as minions of the massive Dept. of Defense (which should be returned to it's former name: Dept. of War).

These simpletons are continually trying to apply a single simple solution to very complex, multi-faceted situations.  They haven't taken the time to think through all the intricacies and so when they plug one hole in that dike, another one starts spurting, then another and another.  Well, they're running out of fingers to plug all those holes.  A prime example was the “American Dream Down-payment Initiative” (ADDI) implemented in 2003 by a Republican Congress and President Bush.  Their goal?  To get people out of government low-rent housing, into a home of their own, and off the public dole.  How did they do that?  They gave them $10K and the boot.  That put a whole bunch of people in the housing market buying homes they had no business buying.  The result?  A housing market collapse followed by a financial meltdown, an economic recession and unemployment in double-digit figures.

Now, the Republicans are complaining about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and that something has to be done about them.  Well, they created this mess! It's another one of those holes in the dike that now needs to be plugged.  The whole purpose of Fannie and Freddie is to purchase mortgages from banks so those same  banks can then use that money to lend for additional mortgages.  To get more money so they could buy more mortgages from the banks, Freddie and Fannie securitized the mortgages bought from the banks (bundle them up in packages of large numbers of mortgages, as is their normal practice) and sold those various packages to Wall St., which then sold those packages to investors.  By introducing low-income  home buyers (people who had no business being in the housing market), we ended up with a nationwide collapse of the housing market followed by a full-blown economic recession.

It just goes to show you that people don't pay attention and have VERY short memories, because one bozo after another, at the ballot box, just returned the keys to the Treasury back to the Republicans.  But, if that's not bad enough, it going to get worse.  I wonder how angry those bozos are going to get when they finally begin to realize they were duped, just so the Republicans could regain the leadership THIS year ... because it's a redistricting year. Being in power in such a year allows them to redraw the district lines to favor the continued re-election of Republicans, who can then continue to rape America for the next DECADE! No... I'm not mad ... I"M ANGRY!

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Marla T. said...

You are spot on! Even more boggling to me is that while so many voted these clowns in, a majority of Americans already predict the Republicans to fail this term and be dumped in 2012. That's a REALLY short memory - vote for 'em today and call 'em losers tomorrow.