Monday, March 14, 2011

The Continuing Saga: GOP's War on Women

I oppose H.R. 3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act because I am a woman, and I adamantly believe that Government has no place in my Doctor's office dictating what decisions I can make.

The GOP Jihadists who have overtaken the House of Representatives claim to be for small government and for individual liberty, but HR3 is the exact antithesis of those sentiments:
  1. It's my decision to make whether to carry a pregnancy to term, not the government's decision.
  2. I'm not sure I would ever exercise my RIGHT to abort a pregnancy, but if I were to learn the fetus I was carrying had spinal bifida and a 90% chance of being severely brain damaged, I'd have a serious decision to make.
  3. It would increase my taxes in that my insurance policy covers that type of procedure and thus no premiums associated with that policy could count toward any tax deductible expense.
  4. If passed, and if insurance policies don't cover that procedure, and then if the pregnant woman's life is endangered by the pregnancy ... well then ... would that expense would apparently need to be paid by solely by the mother. What if she doesn't have the money to pay? Too bad … so sad … Die?  Is this the GOP's version of death panels?
  5. The GOP claimed they would remove the word "forcible" from their definition of rape. The bill as published on Thomas (read section 309) has not been amended (note there are no amendments to this bill) to remove the word "forcible." Excuse me? That's the equivalent to an open invitation to rapists to figure out a way to drug women before the act … if she's drugged and not resisting, it's thus not "forcible" and therefore "not rape." Give me a break!
  6. This bill is nothing more than back door discriminatory mechanism with which GOP Jihadists can deny services and anything else they so choose based on the fact that one just happens to receive a tax deduction/credit for 'XYZ', therefore allowing them (whoever them might be) to dictate what one can or cannot do with respect to 'XYZ'.  If you're thinking this just affects 'abortion' ... you need to rethink that and take another look at the bill's actual language.
Are you also opposed to HR3?  Did you know there's a new service called PopVox on  You can use that service to search for any bill and see what other's have said in support/opposition to the bill, and you can had your own comments as well.  Here's a link to HR3 on PopVox.

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